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Originally Posted by pablito View Post
You haven’t to mix up previous situations with present situation. But, if you had a good experience of the site, you know that Ravne’s tunnels was extensively modified by Foundation works and miners searching water.

But in December 2010 was discovered a new section of tunnel never visited by tourists in this period because with water inside.
Recently we concentred our researches on this last section that is untouchable.

There I found original structure of tunnels and now without tourist visits and without electric fields produced by the presence of power cables for lighting (see here: ) the environment is ideal for serious researches.

Lately we have obtained good results for this reason, deleting previous bad theories.
I think this section the most important of the complex because original.

For example next weeks I will publish results about resonance phenomenon on this section of tunnels, not present in other part of tunnels (not original). But also stone walls appear different in this section.
Yes, I was aware of the extensive modification by the Foundation. The problem was, Osmanagic intentionally misled people into thinking the tunnel walls and floor were not interfered with in any way- both over the internet and in person.

Can I just ask what the relationship is between SBRG and the Foundation? Ms Acconci is an employee of both, is she not? Whose work must she prioritise? Also, if you have conflicting ideas with the Foundation over what research direction to take, whose ideas prevail? In other words, were you to find something that did not fit to the Foundation's tome of these being ancient tunnels within Bosnian Pyramids (a 1960s drinks bottle, for instance), could the Foundation prevent you from undertaking further research at the site? Also, would SBRG publish such an event, in spite of it going against your previous beliefs/findings?
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