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Originally Posted by phar_out View Post
Personally, I think that Semir's complete lack of comprehension of the basics of archaeology and heritage legislation, and overall general ineptitude show that, if he had been selected by a secretive society to be part of some Masonic plot, it'll be quite some time before we're all subjected to complete control by them, so we can all sit back and relax.

Semir went to America on the back of his father's wealth, accumulated in the breakdown of Yugoslavia (Osmanagic Snr was a relatively powerful political figure, Minister for Mining or something, and can still pull strings, hence the constant source of under- and irregularly-paid labourers).

Also, it's unusual that he now says he 'spotted them as he flew by'. Visoko isn't on the flight path from either Vienna or Belgrade (the two main connecting airports for transatlantic passengers from Sarajevo). Also, it used to be claimed by the Foundation that Semir was invited by Senad Hodovic, curator of the Visoko museum, to look at hills that Hodovic himself thought were 'pyramid-like'. However, if one does the slightest bit of Background reading into the area of Visoko, the archaeologist/historian Pavao Andelic first refers to the medieval town as 'the pyramid city' in the 1970s (although he DOES NOT claim that the hill itself was in any way artificially created or manipulated).

Pablito- a quick question for you: has anyone from SBRG visited Visoko municipality's Cadastral Offices to see if there is any log of mining activities/ownership in the Ravne tunnel area at any point since the First World War? If not, I'd seriously advise you to make an appointment there independently of the Foundation. You never know, you might find some answers which have been hidden from you, thus saving you a lot of time and effort for nothing.
You have “your” ideas on Osmanagić and his father. And I know Senad Hodović too. But this is not important for value of the archaeological sites in Visoko. All old people in Visoko knew that there is a piramid under Visoćica hill, also before Foundation discover.

I am there for two years to study the site and after several analysis in our laboratories we concluded that the pyramids are only remodeled hills. But the real treasure is not on the hills, but inside hills. This is the series of tunnels, minimally explored.

This has been understood by many adventurers too, who are coming to Visoko now for searching "their" treasure illegally, so the Foundation of Osmanagić is not the only one that believes there is something of particular in Visoko's Valley.

We sent some of us to offices of Municipality of Visoko some months ago to control maps. In Ravne’s tunnel, which were already in existence before 1946, the miners entered in the 60s looking for water and placed a tube (Eternit) under floor in it without realizing that there was a structure below soil and that we found buried by GPR in 2011. I personally explored the new section de-sealed in December 2010 and I can tell you that is original. Maybe it is a very ancient mine, but I do not believe this, or a series of prehistoric tunnels whose usefulness has yet to be determined

I saw your posts as opponent to the pyramids, but we are a serious group of university scientists too who work not only in Visoko, but also in other sites in Croatia and Bosnia and a great part of us has good experiences in institutional research. So in the last two years we rejected some theories, but we confirmed others. And Ravne's tunnels are a real archaeological site.

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