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"The bulk of this post is about myself and not realy on topic so i appologize but im high and feeling conversational so i will briefly mention the Reps then go on to talk babble for the rest of the post".

Reptilians have never made and never will a documentary about themselves, They don't want to be known and prefer to reside in one anothers physicallity on Earth, When your alive and their is one or more reps riding your physicallity wave you will not know however when you die you can see them in your physical. I know this because i am dead and an alien race bought me back with an implant that bought me back to life but traditionally i am dead and have a dead persons reality. I am an Alpha Draconian trapped inside the Physical due to the implant that i have that keeps me on Earth for the next 10000 years i have been told. We are all infinite and Earth is just a place for the rest of the universe to visit whether you know what race you are in your Earths incarnation or whether you dont. When you die on Earth you return to your home planet/constellation, some remembering their time on Earth after death and returning, others not remembering their deaths. I was burried alive and put in a coffin on oxygen at a festival in 2010/2011 new years eve and they switched me of via the Universal Spectrum so i wouldnt be aware of my death only to the Aliens who switched me off's dismay that i had snapped out of being switched of briefly when i was going down and i could hear myself in full fear both flight and fight mode engaged. then after it was all over they switched me on again and i had a viewing of myself lying on the ground dead with my eyes open for about 3 seconds, so that's how i remember my death .

The Reptilians discovered film and the construction of Cameras came afterwards not to mention their holographic projectors as Reptilians are Holographic on the inside and out. When coming up with Technology ideas and makes and models it really goes to show how it reflects what type of technology is built and the races behind building their technology in terms of the technology displaying exactly the races intent behind making that very said technology, for instance the Reps made Holographic Projectors because they are holographic and the funny weird little thing there is if projectors can project one could say/imagine that Reptilians exist only because the Technology makes them exist so it goes on to be a question of did the Technology possibly built by someone else or being known about by someone else before Reptilians existed be responsible for their state of existence in the first place. With the Grays you could say their satellites say alot about who they are and are a product of the Grays existing as it stands, But other races make satellites too so it is possible that the Grays popped up due to another race builiding a satellite first but you must remember that all technology is guided by the Universal Spectrums energies and laws of the spectrum itself displaying the fact that a satellite for instance can go anywhere from 0.3Hz to 300,000 Ghz known by myself to be the maximum output of Satellites that currently exist in space. This was atleast the information i got and the Grays i speak to have decisively and deceptively agreed that 300,000 Ghz is that highest band output so to speak but why couldn't the output of a satellite be higher, i guess its got something to do with the number 3 just like 3g was the first of the bands for fast transmission rates with mobile telephones but then 4 g came out and they called it "4"g but really in my eyes they were only extending/expanding the transmissions and bandwidth range to speed up the 3g version to then say its 4g using only the number 4 to confuse people into thinking its the next best thing given that only the 3 was incorporated into the satellites known ways of operational functions all being the 3 and what the 3 means to satellites.

Thats enough from me sorry if i bored any of you.

Peace. <3
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