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I doubt you'll find anyone who has been vegan from birth.

Infant humans require their mother's milk for optimal health, and infants raised on vegan formulas do not generally thrive, and DO generally have health problems, if they survive at all.

As for many people living healthy lives as vegans...I have issue with the vague term 'many'. First, there aren't many vegans. Second, there are a number of people who have tried a vegan diet, and failed to thrive on it. Whether that number is higher or lower than the number who have tried it and succeeded...well, I don't know...and neither do you.
Those statistics do not exist.

All that we DO know is that some people seem to be able to eat a vegan diet and stay healthy, and other people do NOT.

We also know that, out of the folks on a vegan diet, many develop deficiencies of some kind, which require supplementation or dietary changes to correct. It is not that easy to live as a vegan.

Which agains comes around to the question...WHY be vegan?
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