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Originally Posted by yamayama View Post
I am challenging the forum members to this issue. How many children go missing each year? And what happens to them? How come there is not one single universal figure that everyone can agree on? Do you not find that strange? Are the kids charities and law enforcement conspiring to hide the true horrifying numbers?..:
I think it's necessary to be very careful with numbers when discussing things like this because otherwise people just dismiss it as propaganda. I've seen sites that put the estimate at 100,000. It's important to remember that over 95% of children reported missing are found again very quickly; it's known that many missing children are abducted by estranged parents and many children in care run away a number of times and end up in the sex industry. Accurate figures are hard to come by because there is no one central agency to co-ordinate the numbers. Perhaps there should be.

That still leaves an unacceptable number of children who are never seen again whom I believe many are victims of paedophile rings and they probably end up dead when they are of no more use.

Incidentally, there was a sentence in the link which said:

"It would seem that 800,000 go missing but a further 500,000 can be added if you include the numbers that don't get reported"

If some don't get reported where did the figure of 500,000 come from?
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