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Originally Posted by living99 View Post
Lourdes said to be very high in active hydrogen.
The active hydrogen that never stops bubbling is a result of activated natural C60,
The C60 when ingested, releases dozens of only beneficial trace elements whilst at the same time picks up any toxic waste, poisons or harmful agents, including radioactive amd contaminated elements, matter and gases, and imprisons it all in a cage that can withstand impacts of up to 350,000 mph until it is disposed of as waste by the body.
It is totally insoluble and works on any form of living organism by adapting, (and seemingly identifying and deciding) it's surroundings and environment, which has to be natural in order to function.
This cannot be produced outside purely natural circumstances. If correctly maintained, a supply can be made to last indefinitely. Activation (by natural self-ionisation) is the key that switches the system on.
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