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Originally Posted by limelady View Post
My understanding is that until a person's reptilian aspects have been deliberately activated through certain ritual and mind-control, they are just people like everyone else. But those with the 'bloodline' DNA tend to be naturally intuitive, empathetic, and possess more psychic abilities, (including the ability to heal) than others.

Providing these abilities are never used for anything other than 'good', there's nothing inherently bad about having reptilian DNA in your gene coding is there?

Limelady is correct on this. The negative aspects people associate with the bloodlines are the result of ritual mind control programs. We have many gifts that can be used for positive purposes. There are a number of bloodline family members who know they have fairly "pure" blood from the standpoint of the "illuminati" who post on this forum and desire to help, but only a couple openly admit it on the open forum.

In any event, I've never heard of Rh- blood being a bloodline trait before coming to this site. I wish I had more information for you. I'm curious my mine is. I am sure I an find it in my medical records, as I have had large amounts of bloodwork done in the last two years.
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