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From icke's headlines today:

''Prime Minister and Hidden Hand agent David Cameron is to announce in next week’s Queen’s Speech to Parliament new laws to increase the number of children stolen by the State from loving families and forcibly adopted. He is trying to sell this evil outrage as helping children to hide the fact that it is the next stage in a worldwide agenda to take control of children from parents – one that includes the policy of fining parents for even a day’s non-attendance at school (prison for kids).

Tony Blair changed the law to massively increase the numbers taken from loving families with FINANCIAL INCENTIVES to local authorities to do so. Now Cameron, the heir to Blair in the one-party state, is taking it further in the Totalitarian Tiptoe which is planned in the end to delete the very concept of parenthood – see Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

If parents don’t make a stand on this NOW it is becoming more and more likely that it will be them and their children next.''

Children in care 'let down for too long', says David Cameron
15 May 2016

Mr Cameron wrote that the government would legislate to encourage permanent adoption - even if it meant children were not placed with relatives.

He said he was "unashamedly pro-adoption" and criticised courts and social workers for favouring "less stable placements" with distant relatives, rather than with adoption families.
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