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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
I'm just plucking these stories off the internet using a search engine but they just keep coming...i could keep going

anyone that thinks that universities are not stirring up shit are not living in the real world
I've posted this a few times on the forum but here it is again

interesting read if you can take the time

it's all in there, all the progressive talking points and directly admitting the crux of their argument is the same as vancities

I find that PDF very useful in understanding where vancity get's his viewpoints

they are even hosting speakers who are attempting to ' shape brexit ' as in stop it all together

because currently it is Momentum in the UK who are openly stating that they will work to elect Corbyn and then completely reverse Brexit and fully integrate with the E.U

and then that will be it , the chance will never arise again

and they seriously think be damned with the 50% or more of the electorate who voted to leave

they have also started to release memes with the slogans along the lines of Hate , Bigotry , Ignorance have no home here

which as usual , can be found haunting the posts of those who will vehemently deny what is happening

insidious - word of the day
music sound and movement

They might drain the swamp but the snakes are still in the grass

It's symbolic of his struggle against reality
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