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Professor declares goal of ‘interrupting whiteness’ in order to ‘expose’ and remove it
Nov 16, 2017 1:48 pm
Sara Gonzales

A retired professor, who hosted a workshop at the University of Texas on Saturday called “White Fragility: Understanding and Working Against White Privilege,” spent three hours warning students of the damaging effects of “white privilege.”

During the lecture, DiAngelo asked all whites to come to the front of the room, where they were each asked to read quotes about their “internalized superiority, racial privilege, and other deficiencies as whites,” according to The College Fix. DiAngelo then instructed attendees “not to clap” as the students took their seats.

? DiAngelo also told the participants her goal is “interrupting whiteness” because too often it goes “unmarked,” and people must “center it” so they can “expose” and remove it.
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