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Originally Posted by vancity eagle View Post
Now " you didn't blame me"

But clearly you did. Its there for all to see, now you are just back peddling.

Oh and history is just "anti white" its an agenda by anti white marxists to TEACH HISTORY.

Its all a conspiracy to be anti white.

Give me a fucking break.

We do nothing but pay homage to white criminals on our dollar bills, and in our countless monuments, and holidays, you know like celebrating native genocide on Columbus Day.

Buy yeah history is "anti white"

You really are a delusional paranoid fanatic.
no its not 'history' that is anti-white, it is the perception of the role of white people in history and how that is framed and presented that is anti-white

this new push to frame history in certain ways is not being done because the el-ites have suddenly developed a conscience and want to atone for historical sins

it is being done so that they can control the narrative in order to control how people see the world which in turn then decides how people behave

they want a new paradigm and in order to achieve that they must destroy all that has gone before...not literally but in peoples eyes. This is why they will demonise everything that is not part of the new emerging technocratic communist system

they want people to willingly walk into the trap....don't hold onto the into the trap
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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