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Originally Posted by hokuspokus View Post
I have often wondered about this anomaly. I have also seen footage of
an astronaut apparently being hauled to his feet by some sort of wire.
But there could be reasonable explanations for this.
Welcome back by the way

The footage is another example of a cherry picked piece from David Percy the maker of that awful deceptive film. He talks over the voice and as Mlewis77 points out he grabs his hand.

On the Moon they weigh about 60-70lbs so once they have the right leverage standing up again is dead easy. If he was on wires, how did he fall over? I made this video years back showing the astronauts crossing over during a small eva section, followed by both of them vaulting down the mountain in one continuous piece of footage.....

Just for good measure it's sped up to show correct fall speed of the astronauts. It looks absurdly fast.
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