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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
You got it ..... reduced gravity is impossible to imitate , the fakers were very worried as to whether they could pull it off ... all they could do was to slow down the recording to half speed, and get the actors to hop around like bunnies,

But they had Stanley Kubrick on their team , they got him to make the iconic movie "2001 a Space Odyssey" .. released 1968 ... this was to condition the public that in zero/reduced gravity you moved as if in slow motion. we know now from much film of astronauts in space , it does not look like slow motion.

It was Stanley who also filmed the 'moonwalks' in a studio on earth.
This is yet another ridiculous and inaccurate claim. You will deliberately avoid watching the video I just posted because it buries what you just said. Want to avoid a few more?

As for Kubrik "conditioning the public" what a load of old baloney. The 2001 film has NO CORRECTION whatsoever for gravity. NONE. Kubrick "filmed" the footage did he? It was one continuous(usually bland and boring shot) lasting up to 1hr. He would never have done it that way....besides....

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