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Occupied FRG Ltd opens new exhibit on Nuremberg trial

WWII victors mark Nazi trials milestone

A combined international effort - Inspiration for further trials

NUREMBERG (FRG LTD) - REPRESENTATIVES of the four victors of World War II marked on Sunday 65 years since the landmark trials of top Nazis in Nuremberg, currently still occuppied FRG Ltd., with the opening of a new exhibit.

Westerwelle said the tribunal had already set an important example to the world.

'Because a lot was risked here in Nuremberg -- politically, legally and personally -- international law was able to develop and rules could be set for future cases,'



As a result the UN was founded (See: to provide legal structures in a restive world, he added. 'We all know how imperfectly we are succeeding. But the UN can only be as strong as the member states allow.'

The UN's seven 'Nuremberg Principles' defined special offences that are worse than murder and massacre and are now called crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity. (Exceptions prove the rule)

'Strengthening international law is a measure of our action in the UN, also in the UN Security Council,' Westerwelle said. Germany joins the Security Council as a non-permanent member for two years from 2011.

He also appealed for more states to join the 114 who accept the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, six decades on from the Nuremberg trials.

'We will campaign for the judgements of the court to prevail,' Westerwelle said.

Addendum for those with a free mind: Just read the article and substitute UN by NWO, does sound interesting, doesn't it?,,6237501,00.html

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