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Dutch expedition to Antactica: a person built a solar driven car from scrap materials. It is not going as planned, not enough sunshine, hard wind, cold.

Video + text in Dutch:

Text in English:

Team Clean2Antarctica is stuck in a life-threatening area in Antarctica

The team of Clean2Antarctica had to temporarily stop the trip to the South Pole due to bad weather conditions. The team is currently driving through the crevasse area, which means they have to be extra careful. Crevasse are deep cracks in the ice that are covered with snow. An error can be fatal and therefore the team in this area is extra careful.

The Clean2 Antarctica project is a unique expedition towards the South Pole and back again. Expedition leader Edwin ter Velde undertakes this together with his wife Liesbeth. The expedition members ride on Antarctica with their self-built car of waste plastic that runs on solar energy. The trip to the South Pole and back will take about forty days.

The goal of the Clean2Antarctica project is to inspire people to throw away less and to take better care of our planet. Edwin and Liesbeth ter Velde strive for a more circular society and we can only create that together.

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