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Part 16
Varoufakis and James Galbraith teamed up with the ex-Labour Party MP STUART HOLLAND to formulate a plan for resolving the Greek economic crisis. Varoufakis and Holland co-authored "The Modest Proposal" to fix the European Monetary Union's structural crisis. Holland served as an adviser to the EUROPEAN COMMISSION President JACQUES DELORS. Holland wanted a WORLD DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION.

Varoufakis proposed the need for a new global financial system with a common currency managed by the IMF. He gave that currency a fictional name: the KOSMOS.

Varoufakis listed some of his friends/allies in his book "Adults In The Room", e.g. the ex-British Chancellor of the Exchequer NORMAN LAMONT (worked at N.M Rothschild bank) and the WORLD BANK Chief Economist LARRY SUMMERS who acted as a long time mentor to the FACEBOOK COO Sheryl Sandberg, initially at Harvard University, then the World Bank, then again in the Clinton government when Summers was Treasury Secretary.

Yanis Varoufakis was born in Greece but moved to Britain. His father was chairman of a major steel producer in Greece. Yanis Varoufakis became economic adviser to the Socialist leader of the Opposition in Greece: GEORGE PAPANDREOU, who would eventually become Prime Minister. Papandreou is a CLUB OF MADRID member, as is BILL CLINTON, MIKHAIL GORBACHEV (Ex-Russian leader), MARY ROBINSON (see above), ROMANO PRODI (ex-EUROPEAN COMMISSION President), ANTONIO GUTERRES (UN Secretary General).

Guterres and Papandreou were both President of SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL, the worldwide association of political parties seeking democratic socialism. Guterres and Papandreou both belonged to the ECFR (EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS), founded with money from George Soros' OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS. The ECFR's founder MARK LEONARD wrote for PROJECT SYNDICATE. Part 17 below.
Part 17 below.
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