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Part 14
A pro-UBI member of Demos was DAVID WILD, on the advisory board of "Demos Quarterly" journal, in which he lauded a CITIZEN'S INCOME (July 18th 2014).

Demos co-founder Geoff Mulgan has given TED talks and trained as a Buddhist monk. He was Chief Executive of the innovation charity NESTA (initially a British Government QUANGO), of which a UBI fan is PETER MCCOLL, who headed NESTA's policy/research in Scotland and has been heavily involved in the political transformation of Scotland in the 21st century. Scotland was set to implement UBI trials in 2018.

The next influential member of the UBI fan club is the WEF (World Economic Forum) founder KLAUS SCHWAB, an ex-BILDERBERG steering committee member and involved in UN agencies. Schwab described UBI in 2017 as "basically plausible". A WEF attendee, ERICA KOCHI, supports UBI and was co-chair of the WEF's GLOBAL FUTURE COUNCIL ON HUMAN RIGHTS. Kochi co-founded UNICEF's Innovation Unit.

Another UBI 'groupie' is the 'rock-star of Europe's anti-austerity uprising' (according to "The Telegraph", Feb 2015): YANIS VAROUFAKIS, the former Greek Finance minister who claimed that capitalism is making itself obsolete, spurred on by AI. Ever since Varoufakis resigned as Greece's Finance Minister in 2015 he has shot to prominence with books and TV appearances. Part 15 below.
Part 15 below.

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