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Originally Posted by the apprentice View Post
The humble bumble is the kind of Bee that cannot handle the pesticides, it is the essential species that are under threat.

But planting seeds is futile if you live in an era of mono cropping, where they will still feel the effect from over spray, humans included.

The honey bee is already farmed and acclimatised to most chemicals except a few really wicked ones like Monitor which is so toxic the food stuffs like potatoes need airing in giant sheds for a week or so to make sure any residue has evaporated.

We live in a spray free zone so the bees are plentiful here.
It isn't just pesticides though, Nexus has carried articles on the effects of EMFs ( electro magnetic frequencies) through 4G & 5G Wi Fi techno which can induce colony collapse disorder.

Nexus link here with FREE pdf article downloads on the subject of the plight of our buzzing friends , cop a load of this - well worth reading
through all those blue article headers:

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