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Originally Posted by truth seeker 09 View Post
Before the big date I thought "OK, let's see if something happens". In the end I think that I really wasn't waiting anything to happen. After nothing happened: I believe she was honest; she was just given the usual Grey/New World Order channelling propaganda.

Maybe the case Goodchild was arranged so that if someone else being in contact with the good ETs makes some kind of "predictions" in the near future, everybody will be bashing him or her: "Oh no, not again! It seems we got another Blossom Goodchild here! Move on, people. Nothing new to see here!"
Actually she is in long line of people who have done this. As long as the internet has been around there have been people making predictions that were channeled by the galactic federation or ashtar command or some other such group, that failed to transpire.
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