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Originally Posted by soul_traveller View Post
Never heard of her before now. However, anything coming from channelling, RV, reiki, order of melchizedek, egyptian entities, st germain and the violet flame, etc plus other new age stuff, like spiritual and religion is mind control and programming and is illuminati generated via technologies written into ones own programming matrix alters. Its all part of a disinformation program to target new age people who are programmed and don't know any better.

However, at least she was open and honest however, these predictions about the saucers landing, etc is not new. She needs to seriously deprogram, as we all do and get our own true nature back.

To be honest though I get bad vibes from her and her website same goes for most new age crap.
Don't know dude ..... I reckon she ain't programmed ..... she's just a hoe that wanted some micro-celebrity and has since (even though being proved wrong!) become famous and picked up a lot more customers

The World is full of scammers and con-artists
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