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So psilocybin, the only way I could get a 6 pack would be to either stop eating meat, or take steroids. Haha, yea, because the only people who have 6 packs are vegetarians or steroid users. What a joke. And I suppose you calling clenbuterol a steroid is just a typical example of your ignorance.

Also, I am an active guy, this week I've been cycling, walking in the hills and swimming in a nearby old quarry. (don't tell me, swimming in a quarry can be dangerous and if only I'd stop eating meat I could be smart enough not to do that right?)

I said I haven't properly worked out since April 2014, what I mean by that is that's the last time I had some sort of gym routine and was lifting weights.

You decided to equate that to meaning I'm a couch potato.

But you're right, I really could do with losing my unsightly gut:

My midriff is in such an unshapely mess.

Lets see your body then? Beyond your minuscule profile image that makes it look like you have no chest whatsoever and 2 pack abs.

And -
When you seek happiness for yourself, it will always elude you.
When you seek happiness for others, you will find it in yourself.

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