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Originally Posted by howie View Post
The Hollow Towers & the VicSims are the key to 9/11, they are busted now, just some fine tuning of the remaining facts need to be done.

Unfortunately the childish infighting of most 9/11 sites against each other is stopping the truth from coming out.

Fetzer & Webfairy are 2 of the most obvious gatekeepers.

Yes. Fetzer proved himself a gatekeeper when he defended William Rodriguez as an 'honest guy' and when he refused to look into the September Clues VICSIMS report after directly challenged by Brian Staveley.

Web Fairy, Paula Gloria and Nico Haupt I think are just a bit too crazy to matter much and for anyone to be able to tell if they're deliberate gatekeepers or not.

Ace Baker is an obvious gatekeeper of the VICSIMS report (he still believes 3000 people died somehow, not just in the buildings but even in planes that were flown somewhere else and the people on them killed, LOL ) and all the proven NON-PLANE fakery directly linked to and posted on this very thread.

Ace Baker is thus proven to be 100% a fraud and a high-level infiltrator, plagiarist and derailer of Shack's research.

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