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Originally Posted by synergetic67 View Post
I don't get why you posted this video. The guy who made it should have edited it or put it on a script to read. Too wordy, vague. All the he said about Gelitin was wrong. Why bother making a video with more wrong information.

I have no compassion for those who complain about wrong information, then put out erroneous information themselves.

The towers were gutted, prepped & planted with explosives. Arnon Milchan (Hollywood producer/Israeli spy) procured nanothermite from an Israeli nuclear lab for the 911 demolitions. Ann Cappelletti & Barbara Bush are illegitimate witch daughers of Aleister Crowley, conceived w sex magick at Abbey of Thelema and in Paris with their mothers. in 1923 & 1924, respectively. Ann & Barb got together in 1970s to set this ritual of ushering in of the Antichrist into motion. John/Mike (Bush cousins, all Crowley grandsons) Cappelletti's demolition company (home base: Upper Darby, PA--90 miles from NYC) got the demolition job from the CABAL. Ann was a powerful witch until she had her witch powers taken away in 2007. The reason there was little debris for 2 110 story buildings was because they were gutted in preparation for the planned 911 demolitions. All offices were vacated. World Views art students sponsored by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council sponsored & gave living space & stipends to students in their World Views art project. Students Gelitin had their work space on floor 91. Windows of the world was not open. It did not open until 9:30. Everything was planned & staged before 911.
The WTC was hollow, gutted before 9/11: no debris

Photos & videos were manufactured as FAKE evidence for the lies of the CABAL. 1/2 of the people involved with staging lies & propaganda for 911 are witches. The other half, American witches--of which they are many. There are witches all over the world. Ann Cappelletti knows all of them.
911 vacant towers/Silverstein Lowy Eisenberg
This is the 1st research I posted on DIF. If you start at the beginning of the thread, you may get more understandin.

There is a lot of fake information to sift through, U.S. media information is all lies supporting the government lies. Media is involved in this mega ritual. Many use the occult to get jobs, fame & money. If you know filmmaking & television production, you can understand how recorded information can be manipulated.

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