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Arrow Klingdom of Chemtrails

What In The World Are They Spraying?..

Chemtrails, 7th March 2017 south Wales UK..

Solar Panels - Where is the sun ?

Check out the chemtrail free Blue Sky with white fluffy clouds..

The Joker Talks to Police About Obama ..

Unlike the United Klingdom..Global warming ? The UK is freezing most of the year round..Bigger bills for the Energy Companies !..

Jones is a surname of English origins, meaning "John's son".. It is most common in Wales and south central England..In Ireland the surname has Been Gaelicized as MacSeoin..Jones remains the most popular surname in Wales..

A US expert claimed that the same emissions left over our skies by large commercial airliners are a “covert operation” and could allegedly cause biblical style floods that will pour down toxic chemicals leaving catastrophic results..“They’re long trails of cirrus clouds that stretch across the horizon and then spread out across the sky“..It’s a covert global operation of chemical spraying technology designed to deliver sulphide gases to the earth’s atmosphere to control the amount of carbon dioxide present..The aerosols are dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds..The particles, including aluminium, could be absorbed through the skin or breathed in,“Aluminium has been linked to Alzheimer’s & Dementia, and the rates of both have skyrocketed in recent years”..Many people believe it is easy to spot when chemtrailing is taking place..

Yeah, you can't miss them..That's if you look up ?... say, "Don't you miss it, Gal?"..I say, "What, England?..Nah..Fucking place.. It's a dump..Don make me laugh..Grey, grimy, sooty..What a shit hole..What a toilet..Every **** with a long face shuffling about, moaning, all worried..No thanks, not for me"..They say, "What's it like, then, Spain? "..And I'll say"..Once again..welcome to my haus...

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