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Default Economic turmoil in china & billionaires go missin

China is currently seeing a lot of turbulence in its stock market. There have been signs of trouble for a while for example with the government building whole cities that will never be used to keep people in employment

There is a global currency war going on and we wil begin to see the effects of that as it hits home. The problem the chinese command and control government have always had is that they must keep a billion people in employment or risk massive social unrest

The article I'll post in my next post was posted on the headlines of this website today and it mentions how many chinese billionaires have started to go missing! But why is that?

Are they being dissapreared by the comand and control government as they try and impose controls on the economy or are they running for the bunkers becase they know there is some sort of crash coming?

another article which i'll also post here was also in the headlines section today and it says that all shipping across the atlantic has frozen suggesting a massive slow down in trade. This is another pointer that a big event is about to happen with the global economy

Will be keepig an eye out to see if our own billionaires start to go missing!
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