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christopher lees mother was a member of the 'black nobility' the aristocratic families with close ties to the vatican

She went on to marry Harcourt George St-Croix Rose a banker and uncle of the james bond author ian fleming who had been a spy in british intelligence

I suggest that the fleming family are of scottish templar stock

the name 'st-croix rose' is one to conjure with as it implies roots in the rose-cross rosicrucians and of course the templars wore a rose cross as their central emblem

Fleming gave his bond character the codename of '007' which was also the real life codename of queen elizabeth I's spymaster and occultist John Dee

In the lord of the rings christopher lee plays the character saruman which is another name to conjure with as it bares similarity to the evil god of zoroastrianism 'ahriman'

He was also in the movie gremlins 2 which bizarrely features scenes that seem to predict the destruction of the two towers on 911!

The title film of the second lord of the rings film was of course 'the two towers'

One of the original 9 knights of templar who travelled to the temple mount to retrieve the scroll that lay under the tomb of zadok was called 'gondomare' perhaps after a district in portugal and of course one of the characters in lord of the rings 'borromere' came from gondomere
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