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Originally Posted by decim View Post
All good advice.
That TV is cool.
Where can you get the old style tephelones that work?
You can take a chance on ebay and fix it up yourself. Details of the minor changes to the internal wiring and bell is widely available on the internet. These changes make it compatible with the modern phones-in-parallel wiring as opposed to the older phones-in-series system.

You might like to change the old carbon mic with a more sensitive electronic type introduced in the 1960s as a drop-in replacement.

Then there is the dial mechanism to clean and lubricate and all the contacts to clean. The old phones are just a collection of coils and contacts. Anyone with a bit of savvy can look up the data and do the necessary.

I have some 1940s bakelite 300 series, although I have a valuable red one.

Also a 1930s 232 type:

The much later 1960 plastic 746 series are also just electro-mechanical.

All can be purchased ready sorted - but if you're seriously paranoid, how do you know it's not been bugged when they did that - so fix it up yourself. Remember, many modern exchanges won't accept loop-disconnect (pulse) dialling, although incoming calls are fine.

There are various work-arounds for this, but even if your line will accept pulse dialling, you wont be able to press the * or # key, or select numbered menus, although there are work-arounds for this too.

For anyone not able to use a screwdriver competently, ready-converted phones are available from companies below.

Remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not listening to you through your fancy new LED lighting...


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