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Originally Posted by Getagrip View Post
Perhaps someone should start a poll .... "Would you like to see misogynist / misandrist threads banned from dif?"

I'd be more than happy to see the back of them.
On the other hand, such threads keep the misogs contained in one area. We can't see for all the 'cultural marxism, jew-blame, anti-left, anti-liberal, anti-bloody whatever' whinging.

If such threads were banned, the misogs would say that they're being discriminated against. If anyone else is actually being discriminated against, they say it's just people feeling entitled and complaining for no reason.

I do wonder about the jew-hate posts though....I'm so tired of reading about how jews are a blight on earth. The mainstream says the same about muslims....and so do some of our very own members who appear to be hardcore islamophobes. I despair when I see so much hate. We also do have some horrid racists here too. But they present their racism as "our race is in danger so we are now entitled to trash other races" etc. Eugh! Why are they here of all places?

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