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Default Royal Black Institution


The Royal Black Preceptory consists of eleven degrees, as follows: -

(1) Royal Black Degree
(2) Royal Scarlet Degree
(3) Royal Mark Degree
(4) Apron and Royal Blue Degree
(5) Royal White Degree
(6) Royal Green Degree
(7) Gold Degree
(8) Star and Garter Degree
(9) Crimson Arrow Degree
(10) Link and Chain Degree
(11) Red Cross Degree

The Black Preceptory is also known as the Royal Black Institution, a name that sounds worrisome enough. This quorum includes judges, police executives, clergymen, senior intellectuals and academics, and men who run major corporations in Ireland and elsewhere. The Preceptory's senior members have the power to change government policy on a local and even national level.

They reward selected lieutenants in the public limelight for furthering their agendas and see to it that other men who do not fall into lockstep are removed from professional positions. The Preceptory has the power to cover up heinous politically-motivated crimes, sequester evidence so that complicit "brothers" remain unprosecuted, and prevent official investigations into the criminal activities of their members. Additionally, members of the Preceptory and Orange Order (journalists, reporters, and editors, and so on) can bias reportage in any manner desired.

How Britain created Ulster's murder gangs

ON Monday, the world was stunned by the release of a report by Nuala O'Loan, the police ombudsman for Northern Ireland, which stated that Special Branch officers in Belfast had "colluded" with loyalist terrorists working for the British state as informers. According to O'Loan, police failed to stop these paramilitary gangs, part of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) from killing an estimated 15 people in the 1990s. While this was seized upon by republicans as proof that security forces had aided a loyalist campaign of sectarian assassination, in reality O'Loan's findings barely scratched the surface of a 30-year history of criminality and murder orchestrated by the British army and the Ulster police.

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