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Originally Posted by curly View Post
cheers bud,yeah that horse is one of the best ones,very easy on the eye.Those woods at the top of the head around the scorpion are quite eerie.One of the famous dambusters bombers crashed right into the scorpion on the way back from the raid,theres a memorial at the top to the crew who all died.The eye[northdown bottom] and the nose[lambsdown bottom] look like man made features to me,carved into the hillside.Theres a quaint little church at the bottom of the head that flies the stars and stripes flag,i think there are quite a few american servicemen buried there from wwII.There was a guy in the church who looked just like jesus when i got there,we spoke a few pleasantries and he said i should visit the memorial at the top,then he said he was off up the hill and i followed him out about a minute later.I expected to see him and join him walking to the top,as theres no way he could have walked far but he'd dissappeared,i looked everywhich way for him,freaked me out a bit that.,
that's a favourite prank among the country folks, we know all the shortcuts, up here in Scotland we are also prone to sending tourists to the 'wrong castle' for laughs

the Horse really does look built, I'm fascinated by it, some of the others are possibly just chance and illusion, but the horse with a scorpion I think may be deliberate, perhaps not ancient (hope the horse is) but they seem to be planed, Homer too, a farmer's sense of humour rather than an illusion or coincidence? I think so.
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