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Tabula Smaragdina - The Emerald Tablet
"Heaven above,heaven below;
Stars above,stars below;
All that is over,under shall sow,
Happy thou who the riddle readest."

A bit pretentious that,do beg your pardon

So why is there a dove with a wafer/leaf in it's beak on the isle of sheppey,why this part of the world.It's difficult to know where to start looking for clues.Luckily i found one in a book called Behold Jerusalem by graham k griffiths{2003**.In it he gives his take on the landscape and coastline,which to him is a giant zodiacal effigy.The area he equates to saggitarius,whom he also identifies as noah is the south east corner of england.The isle of sheppey isn't on his hand,but it's as near as dammit,on his wrist for sure.Looking at the coast,i do think he has used a bit of artistic licence on the painting,but i can see what he means.It's his vision after all though,not mine.It does fit in nicely with what i see so as the cap fits i think i'll put it on.Obviously i don't need to mention that noah and the dove have a connection.Graham mentions the expected arrival of the vacant dove on noah's hand,i've seen it,it's already landed mate.Notice his positioning of capricorn the big horse with it's broken horn of plenty,it's the same place as mine on the south downs way.

I've marked the outline of the figure of noah in red,his hand in yellow and sheppey in blue.A bit far fetched for some people i know,but not a bad start.After all what's real and what's not these days.

President bush himself had a signed copy of the painting hanging on the white house walls during his presidency.The feature he identifies as libra the dove is the isle of wight,the island bearing an uncanny resemblence to the libran dove in katherine maltwoods glastonbury zodiac.He even ingeniously plots the course of the dove's flight along the straits of DOVEr to noahs hand.
Mary caine{another zodiac chick** wrote that for the welsh druids,god's creative word could be sensed at times,as divine inspiration - via a dialogue with the muse,and to this force of inner illumination they gave the name awen-[pron] A-hoowen which mimics a doves call[maybe].They symbolised the vehicle of this inspiration as three bars of light in an arrowhead around a centre shaft.Mary caine sees this as echoing a dove in it's bird like shape,thus the spirit of god,encapsulated in the form of a dove,would mirror perfectly the imagery of that one which in the bible,hovered above the baptism of jesus and which,in a sense innaugurated jesus' own journey from the wilderness to the cross.

i'll throw in some william blake
"I give you the end of a golden string;
Only wind it into a ball,
It will lead you in at heaven,s gate
,Built in jerusalems wall."

Lar lar lar lar dar dar diddy dar heres my favourite version

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