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Very interesting indeed. I don't typically read long posts but I found this to be educational and certainly felt that there is truth in this.

I sometimes open up the Bible as I find that it often answers questions that I might have. I am no longer religious at all but I do believe that the Bible has answers if you know what you want to ask. So I opened it and it took me to Nehemiah (I honestly had never heard of this book before) and it spoke about the promised people agreeing to sacrifice their first born son in accordance with Moses' teachings. It also said that the reason why they wouldn't share and were superior to others is because the other people refused to share with them when they were in need. This completely goes against any of Jesus' teachings.

I know that Jesus exists but I do not believe in Christianity. Unfortunately his teachings have been corrupted which is a shame but I wouldn't write off the Bible - many of the parables are very valuable if you can understand them.

It is quite hypocritical how badly people speak of Islam when the Bible is full of equally horrid practices. So much blood sacrifice - you know you can't be worshipping a 'good' God just a poser on a power trip.
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