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I've just looked at a plastic card I was given in Jersey with a Social Security Registration Card and the number starts JY121 You could look at the letter Y as a part of a Star/Delta system. The 121 to me would also mean the 121 Highway in Chiang Mai. Under that Card I also have another card for Skywards which is Emirates and my wife also have one and it links to Family. The number on that card ends with 110.

That card could also lead to a Baggage Card with same, and also the Bangkok Bank, which also has the name Get 1020 and in big numbers 20. 20 to me could mean Egypt. Could it also be Get as in Jet?

That picture is also numbered 290 which is also the Country Code for +290: SH, TA and I also took the picture with my Canon Camera that I purchased in a shop called Bug, and Bug to me reminds me of A Bugs Life.

So, I can see that we live in a Matrix, but I don't know how it works, or what it means.

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