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Originally Posted by grandmasterp View Post
Marvelous things, with advances in thermal materials they are even better.

Give people the choice is what I say. Unfortunately apparently 'we' have spoken and we don't want electric cars, nor did we want to run our diesels on vegetable oil, we wanted to burn diesel, even through some of the toughest economic times and oil shortages.

Gyroscopic cars :-) another favourite of mine. The energy recovery KERS system in formula one can see its roots in early gyroscpoic engineering such as the Gyrobus.

By maintaining petrol or diesel as the only viable fuel it give market domination to an entrenched powerbase. By diversifying and offering multiple technologies it takes away economic control, it also creates jobs. Much like they are doing with the farming, make sure all the food is sourced and channeled through supermarkets and that nobody is farming locally. It destroys jobs, artifically inflates the cost of food in favour of big offshore tax free profits for internationally registered corporations.

Its economic suicide for the majority.

If we had all remembered you could run a diesel on vegetable oil, there would have been another choice of crop to grow locally to convert to fuel locally to power local vehicles. Inbuilt community resilience to economic hardship. But Rudolph fell off the back of a boat and the world forgot.
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