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Originally Posted by hande View Post
Or your understanding of what happened is wrong
Right there THE crux of the matter. Without any understanding of explosive decompression, people arsume their opinion must be valid because it just is

Remember you are basing your assessment on witness statements (always unreliable) and Newspaper reports - which sensationalise the unreliable witness statements - as such half the stuff that dosent seem to add up - probably didn't happen.
I don't think there is anything wrong with basing an assessment on witness reports. The problem is the assessment is ridiculous hyperbole, way more sensationalized than the bloody media!

There would be more credibility in a claim that there was a explosive device in the engine and a 2nd charge directing shrapnel (using aircraft materials) directed at her seat in an effort to silence her, than there is in the idea its all a hoax possibly so she can be snuck off to Mars.
Neither of which have any coherent evidence.

Blunt trauma. Not gushing blood loss. The cause of death is probably THE most accurate of all the reports.
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