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Originally Posted by rhydra View Post
I now believe the Ark of the Covenant is the tablet of destiny. It was sad to have been created by Tiamat and the reason Marduk fought the "creator" gods was to gain hold of the tablet.
The Tablet was said to assure the holder of victory in any war.
Now, many facts have been muddled up due to time and transaltion but these facts remain. Tiamat is Tehom, the entity said to have created the Judeao-Christian god.
The Ark of the Covenant is highly likely to be an electrical device, kept well hidden with self defensive properties as it was reported to have killed someone who approached it as it was being carried by what can only be read as an electric shock.

My suggestion is the whole war and conflict in the Middle East is something to do with this tablet.

My suspicions are even more deepened when a supposedly religious group is well armed and highly motivated but is oddly obsessed with digging tunnels, blowing up monuments (to gain access by brute force?) and smuggling artefacts into the west.

If they were religiously opposed they would not be getting relative pin money for selling trinkets of more value to archaeologists than collectors.

This is the only way that this makes sense if you consider an ancient alien weapon/controlling device.

The sudden collapse of ISIS seems to suggest that either what was being searched for has been found, destroyed or otherwise abandoned.
If the former, what next?
A number of things seem to be coming together but the purpose seems to be somewhat unclear.

Also, if there is one, are there more? Things like that won't occur in isolation.
Think about secret places in the world where visitors are forbidden in that context.
I would, agree with, by and large, most of what you have written.

The biggest 'contact' was the Sumerians.

The Abrahamic religions are basically UFO cults, true Christianity rebelled against Christ's bloodline (ie Christ turned his back on such) and the way that the priesthood of the time were using the temple to keep the masses down (out of the temple) and to make money for themselves. The so called 'good Christian' groups? Where are they now? All destroyed by the Roman Catholic Church, Why? Because at least two of these so called 'heretic' groups had been with Christ/his family, thus knew the truth and one group, maybe both, knew all about ET/PD (Pan-Dimensional) contact, so could identify who God was and who the gods were, ie NOT the same thing!

On this planet NOTHING is what it seems to be!

The middle east has several 'stargates' (that's what GWII was about, US special forces stealing ancient Sumerian tablets and the like from Bagdad museum and capturing Ziggurat of Ur etc) and IIRC, 'world navels' too.

Daesh? Theyre like the monster that escaped the lab, funded by our allies, maybe even, initially, by US 'ABC' agencies and now they run amok. Or do they? Note how theyre stealing artefacts to order to so say 'fund their cause', note too how they destroy temples? How convenient, as such hides the truth. I even begrudge them destroying temples to Lucifer, why? Because, although, such places are crammed with evil energy, it would be a good idea if we knew as much about 'Lucifer' before he makes a reappearance!

Time IS running short!

ET/PD tech was part of the 'deal' for Moses et al, ie why did the god of the Jewish religion need ritual and ritualistically feeding in a tent, always kept hidden away? Every religious 'mountain experience' (which includes pyramids as artificial 'mountains' - every continent has them, even if they have all yet to be found, Bosnia et al being a good case in point), is akin to today in terms of 'abductions' and UFO/UAPs being seen above/in water, above/in/out of mountains, following magnetic lines/leys/fault lines, the 33rd parallel and targeting nuclear establishments. Moses was given 'tech', just like the deal that Truman did with the greys.

Such tech, is, usually weaponry too. There is evidence in the middle East and India of ancient nuclear explosions and radiation.

We are being had, all over again. These beings are not God, our Heavenly Father, the Source, but a group of beings that range from flesh and blood to semi ethereal.

The false second coming, the faux rapture? That will all come first in a blaze of false light.

And yes pyramids are machines, multifaceted ones at that. Even the Russian fibreglass pyramids generated, with nothing else in them, energy, energy that the Russian military was able to identify. The real pyramids? At one time, they were very powerful with several uses; stargates, communication with the 'gods', star maps, energy generators, also used for, possibly, the production of monoatomic gold etc etc etc.

Its a very complex subject, but these structures were able to amplify natural ley and magnetic (Earth) energy as well as focus Hartmann and Curry grids/Earth grid etc etc. But if this planet was created or terra-formed then such Earth energies may have been artificially created too?

Ancient high-technology was worldwide, my guess is, from about, at least (if we discount the creation/tampering with the human genome, which could be older of course), 15,000 years ago to about a 1000-1500 yrs ago (maybe as recent as 600 yrs ago in remote areas such as Mesoamerica).


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