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Thanks for the well thought out response oz.

Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Your position is that this is because they've all fallen prey to the same CIA directed AI mind control lie.

This is hard to believe when all these people are exposing the controlling government, poison vaccines, etc. and actively encouraging people to rebel and defeat the controllers. This is hardly what the CIA want!
They do not want the conspiracy exposed, but they realize that such is inevitable. So the idea is to control the opposition with directed energy weapons. Check out some of these patents:

Now these are just what the public has discovered. Black projects have discovered things in the 1950s that are yet to be discovered publicly by science in 2016. The way I see it, even if I throw out my extensive first hand experiences with these technologies, the shadow govt would absolutely have to be into these technologies based on the evidence and facts. They certainly wouldn't pass up playing God in the population's minds we both know that. So where is their infiltration of alt media? We know they have mind control tech so where is it's presence??? I suggest every single big alt media person has been either targeted or turned into controlled opposition in a technological conspiracy so grande it would knock your socks off...

I hope you witness disclosure in this lifetime oz. That would give me great satisfaction...
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