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Originally Posted by ex sheep View Post
Never believe survey's , it will be more like 1%
Exactly...they can't even count:

"In all, 23 per cent of around 1000 respondents in the survey said they would be prepared to have a chip inserted under their skin "for certain benefits".


Around one in six (16 per cent) said they would wear an implant to allow emergency services to rescue them more quickly in the event of a fire or accident.

Five per cent of people said they would be prepared to have an implant to make their shopping go more smoothly.

But 72 per cent said they would not "under any circumstances" allow electronics in their body."

1. "23%"
2. "one in six" = 16.66% (closer to 17%) (I'm being generous)
3. "5%"

17% + 5% = 22% (closer to 1 in 5)

4. "72%" said 'no'

72% + 22% = 94% (I suppose 6% expressed no opinion, but they still have to be counted as a 'no').

Therefore (72% + 6%) 78% said 'no', leaving 22% saying yes (1 in 5).

Massaged figures...blurred in the (original) presentation.

tian an.

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