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I may shed some light on this article...

The German Information and Telecomunication Industry Association Bitkom, one of the influential members of the European, began in 2001 to get involved in questions of patent policy. The activity was conducted in a closed circle of patent lawyers, dominated by IBM's european patent deparment head Fritz Teufel. This circle published a first statement in support of the CEC/BSA directive proposal in spring 2002 after adoption by the meeting between 7 patent lawyers of large corporations, held by the IP workgroup under the presidence of Teufel*. This workgroup later published a survey which tries to demonstrate that the software industry wants patents. This survey was used for supporting talks with politicians for many month before the survey was finally published, after we had reported about it. The survey does not show what its authors claim it shows.

*Teufel=devil ... ironic isn't it?

According to BITKOM, several committees of the German Upper House plan to introduce controversial online searches of computers. „Secret attacks on personal computers by the police have to remain a taboo┬╗, demands Dr. Bernhard Rohleder who is managing director of BITKOM. The association criticizes that the Upper House wants to undermine principles of the law of order. So far people have to be informed subsequently if their telephones were tapped. This requirement is to be partly undermined by the new plans. In addition, online connection data are to be stored for an entire year and not just six months as has been the case so far. „This development is alarming and leads to a state of public surveillance┬╗, says Mr. Rohleder. „This plan lacks any good political judgment and is in our opinion unconstitutional.┬╗ BITKOM demands not to increase surveillance more than required by EU legislation.
look into this EU legislation.

Where did the 1000 people come from? What is their background?How old were they?

Seriously, there maybe very much brainwashed fellow germans, but even the most brainwashed ones, and I really know some, would for sure reject any microchip.
I rather doubt it is 1 out of 4, seriously, considering the huge discussion about the new RFID and biometric passports coming soon to us. Due to our history, we quite naturally reject tracking devices, I'd attest.

01011000 I understand binary btw

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