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Default You WILL use driverless cars to protect you from 'terror' attacks

Problem, reaction, solution

Problem: motor vehicles are used as weapons to mow down members of the public in terror attacks. Mustafa could be heard shouting 'allahu akbar' as he drove his ** insert motor vehicle type eg car, van, lorry** into the crowd of civilians. His ID was found in the abandoned vehicle showing him to be a known terror suspect

Reaction: The public are shocked and horrified and afraid

Solution : the government announces that in order to prevent future 'terror' attacks all manually driven vehicles will be phased out by such and such date eg 2030

These will be replaced with driverless cars for the publics 'safety'

Announcements will not mention that the government has already invested hundreds of millions of pounds into research into driverless cars or that it is working with google to achieve driverless cars to operate in 'smart' cities of the future. Announcements will not mention that trials have already been carried out within london with driverless cars
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