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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
No one can deny AC has come out with a lot of nonsense in his time .."humans in danger of using up all the oxygen" was a good one ..

But I don't believe this comes from his own head ... Being an alien doesn't mean you can predict the future , and it doesn't mean you don't have a hidden agenda and might be deceptive ..

Calling him a bullshitter is no explanation ... after a few years in the game he would have realised there's no money to be be made ... so what motivates him to go on decade after decade ... he's quite personable , if he worked in selling real estate he could have made a fortune by now, all he mostly gets is ridicule , so I believe he's had a real contact ... perhaps with the secret government psi-oppers ....more likely with some ET's .
Piffle. If he gets it right he's genuine ...if he gets it wrong...well them old alienz....they be lying
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