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Wow, that is one thought provoking OP & kudos for referencing Empire Strikes Back! Lucas nicked the symbolic decapitation with the white knight seeing his own head in the defeated enemies helm from Arthurian legend I think.

Usually I approach all ancient text as if it is all different attempts at explaining the dynamics of the self, in the terminology and flowery prose of the time and culture it was written, knights, jedi's, angels, demons, archons, djinn etc. as a personal psychology, where we are not just waking consciousness as 'I' but a whole conglomerate of energies as 'I', each with their own idea of what is best for 'us'

I think in a natural environment, these aspects or energies, would have a better working relationship with waking consciousness, but in this fucked up world everything gets skewed. Our inner aspects are like WTF?

I am coming to the conclusions that before the fall, mankind had one undivided consciousness, and that was a time of unparalleled feats of magical wonder and co creation, but something happened on Earth that really fucked consciousness here big time. Perhaps it was a cataclysm like the flood that caused the schism, or it may even have been some outside force. I think that consciousness was then partitioned off – as a kind of triage stop gap measure, into two or possibly multiple sections, and now we have a waking consciousness more or less set apart from everything else. And attempts to explore this 'everything else' can be seen documented in ancient texts and more modern psychonauts like CG Jung

If this is the case then one wonders at the end game now – Is our plan to reunite consciousness into a unified whole?

Or is it to strengthen the partition, to concentrate on waking consciousness, at least until the shadowy subconscious is healed ?

Perhaps our job here is to to take part in an ongoing healing of the subconscious elements – whilst safely partitioned in waking consciousness. Maybe dreaming is part of the healing of the subconscious.

I dunno, this is just one of many trains of thoughts my waking consciousness spits out in an attempt to gain a fix on my current position

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