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Originally Posted by princessofwands View Post
heh heh

Of course they don't exist!! (there speaks my inner archon/elemental/ego).

Something I have noticed: I'm reading an illuminating book, and I come to a point where something is stated so well, so brilliantly, and a lightbulb moment is happening in my mind, and at that precise moment, I feel a great urge to go upstairs and put clothes away, to go in the kitchen and get a cup of tea, to see if hubby wants to go for a walk.

All signs that just when the Soul and the mental body were connecting and something important was lighting up in my mind, the physical elemental sprang into action to veer me off course and take my mind off that illuminating moment because if I stayed with that moment, then even more soul ideas might light up my mind and the mind can't have that.

The mind, the emotions, and the body, don't want to submit to your soul. They want to stick with their posse of thought-forms (ideas about the world), their usual emotional compulsions and addictions, (emotion-forms) and their usual habits. All these things are living entities within our auras. If over-indulged in, they grow large and powerful and then you have the obsessive-compulsive behaviour patterns, as well as the feeling that you simply "can't help yourself" or that something has "come over you" and you don't know why you did something.

Watch the tug-of-war inside yourself, you'll soon see it happening.
Sorry you've completely lost me....
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