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Originally Posted by silent revolution View Post
I met a bangladeshi guy a while back who was muslim, and he was a very awake kind of person. We talked for a few hours and had a smoke together, and he explained to me the idea that each of us has our own personal Djinn(archon) that is a part of us. He said about our own Djinn know everything about us, and the idea that your Djinn can communicate with my Djinn. In this they can find out everything about each others human and report back to the person if that person has worked out how to communicate with it.

Carlos Casteneda talks in his books about the watchers(I hope I got this term right, he's talking about Djinn/archons) being a part of us. Credo Mutwa also talks about the chitauri (chita huri/archons) being of us.

I read a lot of your posts blackjack and don't often reply, but I find you post some interesting stuff and I often subscribe to your threads. Thanks brother

Peace, love, harmony and wisdom
it is called qareen which is a kind of jinn 'constant companion' with each person since birth
it is said that you can see it when you look at the mirror for too long .. especially in bathroom
see qareen from wikipedia
A qarin (Arabic: قرين‎ qarīn), according to Islamic literature, is a Jinn. Qarins are unique to each individual. Qarin literally means 'constant companion'. A qareen pushes a person to do evil things and to disobey Allaah, with the exception of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him

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