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Originally Posted by kizzie View Post
It wasn't aggressive at all. just a joke .. Funny how you see aggression where there isnt any, isnt it? Maybe that is what the problem is. People really do see what they want to see.

I get up in the morning and go to my groups read about how we all have it wrong and people are nasty and deserve everything that happens to them
David is out to rob us blind and he steals other people's ideas, him and his cult are trying to trick the world .. It really gets boring hearing how horrible people are and how we are kidding ourselfs that we can live without tptb ..

That imo is a trick put out by tptb to make us fearful about being in a world without them to keep us safe.
Hey, Kizzie, my first thought when I read the OP was that we tend to see in others what lies within ourselves.

I also see so many good people every day. I get to spend a lot of my life with people who are, on the face of it, very volatile and hostile. Dig a little deeper and I find beautiful, gentle souls, who have had to build hard shells to protect themselves from other damaged people. You can trace the trauma family trees back through generations but it always leads back to the actions of the greedy and selfish at the top of the pyramid.

I am reminded of the Agent Smith monologue to Morpheus in The Matrix. As clever as it was, it was off the mark. Mankind isn't a virus but there is a virus which infects some people, steals their self worth and empathy, leaving them isolated and fearful. Poor, misguided ones! They think they can sort this by seeking control over others.

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