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Thumbs down Hitler was reading this & seen the total sense it

Originally Posted by eternal_spirit View Post
Outlawed circumcision and Kosher animal slaughter too.
Was family orientated and pushed family values.
I'm sure & convinced Hitler was reading this & seen the total sense it made!

53. His disciples said to him, "Is circumcision useful or not?"

He said to them, "If it were useful, their father would produce children already circumcised from their mother.
Rather, the true circumcision in spirit has become profitable in every respect."

Instead letting people getting away with sucking little willy's of children like some Rabbis do for fun .

So am I anti-Semitic for Pointing out sick things like this .... well then I thank God for it to be anti-Semitic to speak the truth & he sent one of his Son to make a clear statement about it!

To sick to even comprehend! ..... I don't even read the text in the link to sick for me!
What [email protected] sick in the head psychopathic Fiat-Jews on this earth!!! >> These individuals practising these sickening thinks & who knows what else should be permanently institutionalised.....
Look at the [email protected] in the background are they learning something from this ????????????

Revelation 3:9
Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

Talking about blood sucking Vampires .... well here we go could not get more original & appears not to be a Hollywood movie.

Image Here:

Mohel Rabbi Yosef David Weisburg
The Jerusalem Post Magazine, Nov. 5, 1976, p. 14

Shabbath 19:2
They may perform on the Sabbath all things that are needful for circumcision: excision, tearing, sucking [the wound], and putting thereon a bandage and cumin. If this had not been pounded up on the eve of the Sabbath a man may chew it with his teeth and then apply it.

>>>and any circumciser who does not carry out the sucking procedure is to be removed [from his office].'>>
I thank God for not being born a Jewish person.

How do I know ... well I still have all my body as is!

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