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Originally Posted by thunda View Post
It all sounds very historical too. People also knew about and rejected Anarchism before Hollywood existed you know .. Or are we talking about the new re-packaged Anarchism fit for 21st Century consumption?

Most people go to war because they desire the resources of another people or to impose their beliefs on somebody else. I thought the US adventures in the Middle East were about the Oil??? Splashed across these forums every day it is. Israels occupation is because they want to claim land and a home of their own all because of what it says in some faith based book somewhere.

Most people fight because they give the BIG F YOU ... thats one reason you gave. You mean a proper punch up not nancy boy fight with Guns? If not, apologies, but there are many reasons why people fight. People get pissed up and lose rational thought - would Anarchists prohibit Alcohol? People fight because someone spills their drink. People fight because someone tries it on with their girlfriend. People fight to prove themselves. People fight to dominate others. People fight to defend their rights.

People fight for many many different reasons because we are emotional creatures. Are all Anarchists Vulcans from Star Trek? Saying that - even THEY fight when its logical to do so. I think an empty stomach which hasn't been fed for 9 days would result in a 98.3% probability of Spock giving you a fist sandwich in return for running off with your spuds to ensure his own survival, Captain.

Is it big? Is it clever? Is it right?


But it happens every day and Anarchism won't change that.
The Governments start the wars to gain resources and lie about why they are there. We are saying the same thing except i say its the government and you say its the people. Interesting how you did the opposite when we were discussing who builds a hospital in our current system.

So too are we saying the same about violence. I was just using some examples and you have added more. What I am saying however is that I believe that most of that acting out is venting and attributable to our present state or condition and not attributable to human nature alone.

I used to act out greatly because I was angry and its hard to vent when your anger is attributable to circumstances and faceless entities. We take it out on others cos we are mighty pissed off and frustrated and have to release it somehow.

And as to alcohol, well those who use it as an escape wont need alcohol to escape for escaped they will have. Of course people will still drink but not as bad as they do now.

Of course there will still be fights but that doesnt mean it will get worse without a government. In fact I believe that given some time, it will reduce greatly.

It will take some time, thats all.

Its the damn NATURE vs NURTURE thing again getting in the way here.
To Free our Minds, we must think outside of the box. Multiple choice thinking is how they keep us blind, and in chains.
"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it" ~ Albert Einstein
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