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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
Ranting away
Actually iamawaveofthesea,you are *hijacking* this thread.
(As you do with many others)

What does AI and it's dangers have to do with the banning of TG?
(I had to edit this,at first I thought you where on about 5G again,
but it's AI and it's evils for a change.Your style of writing
does not help in understanding what you are on about,which affirms my
conclusion at the end of this post.)

This forum really has become an echo chamber for your rantings now,
does it not?(Like the one you uttered above.)
And no admin reigning you in,which for a very short time,made me
suspect you of being Mr Icke,posting in here under a pseudonym.
But of course this is not the case.You are like that boy who wants
to be the best pupil in the conspiracy-class,putting everyone down
who does not agree with him,for not being "awoke" enough.

You are what Germans call a "Streber". An ambitious overachiever.

Really,give it a rest.

You remind me of a manic/depressive friend.
When he is in his manic phase,then he rambles on just like you.
He really liked to ramble on about the evils of meat eating,
and the joys of veganism.Nothing wrong with veganism,mind you,
but I am not sure if veganism is served with such fanatic
proponents.It is just off putting.

So rather I suspect you being a manic/depressive who suffers
cognitive dissonance about what ails him.
I don't think constantly posting in here and hijacking threads,
will help you in the long run.

Of course you will reply to this in a completely beside the point way,
go on prove me wrong (Right) ...

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