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Default Blair Does It Yet Again

Yet another email from our glorious leader and yet another e-petition being ignored by Mr. Blair

War in iraq - epetition reply
22 February 2007

We received a petition asking:
"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Launch an independant public enquiry into the decision making process which lead to the 2003 invasion of Iraq."
Read the Government's response

There have been four independent enquiries into the events leading up to the 2003 military action in Iraq. Two public enquiries were held; the Hutton inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr. David Kelly CMG, and the Butler review of intelligence on weapons of mass destruction. The Government has also commissioned two Parliamentary Committee reports on Iraq: the Foreign Affairs Committee report, "The Decision to go to War in Iraq", and the Intelligence and Security Committee report, "Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction-Intelligence and Assessments".
Agree there may be important lessons to learn but a further enquiry would not be appropriate whilst our troops are engaged in a combat situation in Iraq.

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