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Tunisia based PLO Elite 17 unit yacht hijack & murder of 3 Israeli's on 25 September 1985


Wiki: Operation Wooden Leg

Operation "Wooden Leg" (Hebrew: מבצע רגל עץ‎ Mivtza Regel Etz) was an attack by Israel on the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) headquarters in Hammam al-Shatt, near Tunis, Tunisia, on October 1, 1985.

With a target 1,280 miles (2,060 km) from the operation's starting point, this was the most distant action undertaken by the Israel Defense Forces since Operation "Entebbe" in 1976.


After the 1982 Lebanon War, the PLO had been based in Tunisia.

On September 25, 1985, during the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur, gunmen from the PLO's elite Force 17 unit hijacked an Israeli yacht off the coast of Larnaca, Cyprus, and killed the three Israeli tourists on board.

The Israelis were allowed to write down their final thoughts before being shot. The nature of the killings provoked widespread shock in Israel.

The PLO claimed that the victims were Mossad agents monitoring Palestinian naval traffic out of Cyprus. The attack was a response for the capture and imprisonment of senior Force 17 commander Faisal Abu Sharah by the Israeli Navy two weeks earlier. Sharah had been sailing on the Opportunity, a small ship that regularly shuttled between Beirut and Larnaca, when it was stopped by an Israeli naval patrol boat with Mossad agents on board. Sharah was arrested, taken to Israel and interrogated. He was then tried and given a heavy prison sentence. Since then, the Israeli Navy and the Mossad had intercepted several other vessels and arrested passengers suspected of terrorist activity.[1][2]




See here for the significance of the number 3119

From the PLO yacht hijack & murder of 3 Israeli's on 25 September 1985 to the Tunisia, Sousse hotels gun attack on 26 June 2015 is:

INTerval =

= 3x 119 months >



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